The Ippolito Group of Companies

From the humble roots of a fruit and vegetable stand established over 80 years ago, to today’s family of vertically integrated companies, the Ippolito Group grows, packs, processes and transports millions of pounds of produce across North America in the pursuit of making healthy eating easy.

Our Brands
Our Brands

What We Do


With growing fields in California and Arizona, and growing partners in Mexico, Nevada, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Ontario, Canada and Quebec Canada, the Ippolito Group can provide a full range of produce year around.


As members of the Arizona and California Leafy Green Marketing Agreement you can be assured that our field packed products meet the highest standards of food safety as they flow through our cutting edge cooling facilities.


Our state-of-the-art facilities in Ontario, California and Arizona wash and process hundreds of tons of leafy greens, brussels sprouts, broccoli, squash and other fresh vegetable items in a variety of packaging options every year and our sustainability practices ensure we minimize our environmental footprint.

Transportation & Logistics

Our extensive network in North America gives us control over our own supply chain as well as allowing us to move your freight with the same care and expertise we apply to our own.

Specialty Services

From bagging, reclamation and grading, storage, ripening, icing, merchandizing, marketing, specialty sourcing, to virtually any produce related service; our specialty service team at the Ippolito Group can build a program to help reduce your costs and grow your bottom line.

Who We Serve


From retail ready packaging to merchandising support, food safety to the need for consistency, quality and freshness, we understand your business. With over 80 years behind us, Ippolito is an experienced partner and leader in developing custom produce programs to meet your needs. We have commodity, value-add, organic and local programs that put the freshest products on your shelves using our brand packaging or yours.


We know there is nothing more frustrating for our culinary partners than inconsistent quality. Combining our vertically integrated system, with our distributor partners the Ippolito Group prides itself on exceeding your expectations for freshness you can count on.


It is where we started – from buying on the open market to controlling our own fields, we have grown and changed with the times. From niche categories, specialty pack sizes, forward distribution, merchandising services, we recognize your world is changing too. Our commodity programs and value add products and special services are the right choice for wholesale markets to meet the evolving needs of today’s customer.

Our Companies

Ippolito Fruit & Produce

Canadian and family-owned, we have been in the Produce business since the 1930’s. We are known for leafy greens and Brussels Sprouts, but we sell a full offering of commodities straight from the field in addition to our value-added salads and vegetables. We serve the Eastern part of Canada and the U.S. from our state of the art facilities in Ontario Canada.

Ippolito International LP​

Established in 2000, Ippolito International is a second-generation farming company offering year-round supplies of premium vegetables. Our Queen Victoria and King Coast brand vegetables are the staple of every dinner table.

Ippolito Produce Ltd.
(Ontario Food Terminal)

Since our first opening in 1998 we have been proudly serving customers at the Ontario Food Terminal. We have over 200 items available in a variety of formats from bulk to individually packaged on a daily basis.

Ippolito Transportation Inc.​

We are a Canadian, family-owned transportation company. We provide LTL, consolidated LTL, & TL transportation services to customers across North America, specializing in time-sensitive, temperature-controlled freight. We “get” food and we “get” produce because we were created two decades ago to serve our own sister produce company. Now we apply that knowledge to the benefit of all our customers.

Our History


Carmelo and Filomena Ippolito open their fresh fruit and vegetable business, selling at farmers’ markets in Hamilton & Guelph Ontario.


Incorporation of Ippolito & Fruit Produce Ltd. & the Queen Victoria brand is launched.


Joseph, the son of Carmelo and Filomena takes over the business.


Joseph’s sons Joel and David take over Ippolito Fruit & Produce Ltd.


Wholesale division at the Ontario Food Terminal 1998 Ippolito Produce Ltd. opens.


Ippolito Transportation Inc. is established.


Ippolito International LP is established in Salinas, California.


Ippolito Fruit & Produce Ltd. moves 100,000 sq. ft. campus in Burlington.


Ippolito International LP acquires ownership interest in Advance Cooling Systems a cooling & shipping facility in Yuma AZ.


Ippolito International LP acquire Blackie Road Holdings, a 1,200-acre Brussels Sprouts and Artichoke ranch.


Ippolito Fruit & Produce Ltd. opens a 35,000 sq. ft. processing facility in Ontario. Ippolito International LP opens 40,000 sq. ft. processing facility in California.


Joel Ippolito takes sole ownership in Ippolito Fruit & Produce Ltd. and Ippolito Transportation Inc.


Ippolito International LP opens new processing facility in Yuma AZ.


Ippolito Fruit & Produce Celebrates 75 Years of Incorporation.


Ippolito Fruit & Produce expands on its product offerings with the addition of new chop salad processing lines in Burlington.


Ippolito Fruit & Produce continues to grow its capabilities with the expansion of its citrus bagging and specialty services programs.


Ippolito Transportation is recognized as Best Fleets To Watch 2024.